Luke Young moved to Bluffton with his family in 1989. Luke graduated from Bluffton High School in 1998. He received a 2-year degree in Golf Course Maintenance from Lake City Community College and a second 2-year degree in Golf Course Operations from Clark State Community College. Luke then began working as superintendent for the Bluffton Golf Club which has been owned by his parents since 1989.

Kira Young (Kizer) moved to Bluffton in 1999 while attending college at Bluffton University. Kira graduated from Elida High School in 1996 and attended The Ohio State University for 2 years before moving to Bluffton. Kira holds a degree in Art Education from Bluffton University. While going to school, Kira began working at a local bar known as “Happy Ours.” Kira enjoyed the atmosphere and people she met so she kept the job. Little did she know how her life would soon change.

Luke & Kira met at Happy Ours, where she worked while they were both in college. They were only slight acquaintances for about 4 years. They never spent much time together, but after 4 years, in April of 2005, they began dating. Not too long into their relationship, Luke decided he wanted to buy the local bar where Kira worked, and she could be the manager of it. After all, she had lots of experience working there. They talked about it for a while, and in the end, Luke made it happen!

On August 22nd, 2005, Luke Young singed the papers and made the bar his. On August 23rd, Luke’s Bar & Grill was open for business. The bar was only closed for 2 days as Luke and Kira and many friends and family worked hard to do some quick renovations. As the bar grew, so did their staff - from 2 employees to many more in a year’s time. That wasn’t the only change though. In December, 2005, Luke decided to make another huge step and proposed to Kira on Christmas Eve. The couple married on May 13, 2006 and reside here in Bluffton. Luke and Kira now happily share in the title of owners of Luke’s Bar & Grill.

That is how Luke’s Bar & Grill came to be, with much help from family and friends. Just a young couple with on big idea – to make this the best place with the best atmosphere in Bluffton. We hope you come back and visit us again!