• Scottish Eggs

    Hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage, rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs, then deep
    fried. Served with spicy mustard or ranch.


  • Asiago Cheese Dip

    Asiago cream cheese combined with green onions, jalapenos, and garlic to create a yummy blend! Served with warm original bread sticks for dipping.


  • Calamari

    Hand battered and deep fried to perfection! Served with a side of our own bayou sauce that compliments it perfectly.


  • Spinach Artichoke Dip

    This classic dip is served with Luke’s own sliced and toasted ciabatta bread.


  • Luke’s Fried Favorites

    Pick any one of our fried sides. They are big enough to share. Hand battered onion rings, hand-cut fries, portabella mushroom caps, battered mozz skewers, breaded pickle spears, gizzards, crinkle cut fries, crispy chips. Served with one sauce on the side for dipping.  Add cheddar and bacon to your fries/chips for an additional $3.49.


Half Salads are available.

Dressings: House, FF Italian, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Red French, Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard, Poppyseed, Italian, Thousand Island, Ranch, Honey-Poppyseed, Caesar, Oil and Vinegar, Greek, and Chipolte Ranch

  • House Salad

    Iceburg lettuce mixed with cabbage, carrots, croutons, and cheddar cheese.


  • Spinach Salad

    Fresh spinach topped with egg, warm bacon, onions, bleu cheese crumbles, and croutons


  • Southwest Salad

    Romaine lettuce topped with cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, homemade corn salsa, and fried tortilla strips. Blackened chicken slices are seasoned for
    a little kick. Add our homemade peco-ranch dressing for a great finish!


  • Caesar Salad

    Tossed romaine lettuce with asiago cheese and croutons. Add chicken for an additional $2.99.


  • Veggie Salad

    Crisp lettuce, onions, cherry tomatoes, egg, green peppers, croutons, cheddar and
    mozzarella cheeses. Add chicken for an additional $2.99 or ham and turkey for $1.99.


  • Greek Salad

    Romaine lettuce topped with red onions, feta cheese, peppercini peppers, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, and our homemade Greek dressing. Add chicken for an additional $2.99.


  • Mixed Green Salad

    Fresh mixed greens topped with granny smith apples, walnuts, dried cranberries, and bleu cheese crumbles


  • Soups

    Homemade Potato Bacon or ask about the Soup of the Day.


* All burgers are half pound burgers cooked med-well to well done, and served with a side order of our hand-cut fries, crinkle cut fries, or crispy chips.  Substitute any other fried side for an additional $1.99).

  • BYOB

    Start with a burger and build it the way you like it.


  • Black & Bleu Burger

    Burger with blackening seasoning, bleu cheese dressing, bacon, tomato, and lettuce.


  • Cuban

    We start with generous portions of our pulled pork and pulled ham, and then add Swiss cheese, pickles and yellow mustard to an authentic Cuban bread roll to complete this mouth-watering sandwich!


  • Reuben

    First, we season a whole corned beef brisket and slow cook it overnight. Then we pull it apart and pile it high on marble rye bread with sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing.


  • Kira’s Grilled Cheese

    This unique sandwich starts with our thick cut buttered bread. We then add tomatoes and crisp bacon, swiss and american cheeses and grill it to gooey perfection!


  • Jalapeno Popper Burger

    For those who like it hot! This burger is seasoned with a dash of cayenne pepper, topped with our own house jalapeno popper spread and a slice of hot pepper cheese!


  • Guacamole Burger

    This burger has it all! We start with lettuce, tomato, and red onions, then add provolone cheese, homemade guacamole, and crispy slices of bacon to finish it off.


  • Breakfast Burger

    A burger topped with bacon strips, pulled ham, American cheese, a fried egg, and a chive-mayo dressing.


  • Greek Turkey Burger

    Ground turkey is pattied with feta cheese, spinach, and red onions to make this burger extra tasty. It is then topped with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and finished with Tzatziki Sauce.


  • Portobello Burger

    We start with 2 flame-grilled Portobello caps, then top them with roasted red peppers, smoked gouda cheese, spinach, artichokes and finished with a roasted garlic mayo.


  • Flying Dutchman

    A must try! You select one of three meats: ham, turkey, or corned beef. Then we add coleslaw, fries, tomato, and cheddar cheese to this unique sub.


  • Classic Italian

    A delicious sub with ham, pepperoni, salami, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, red onions, banana peppers, Italian dressing, and mayo.


  • Philly

    First you pick your meat: Steak or Chicken, then we grill it with onions, green peppers, red peppers, and mushrooms. Then we add mozzarella cheese and mayo to complete this mouth-watering sub!

    Chicken: $8.99

    Steak: $11.99

  • Prime Rib

    Seasoned and cooked in-house because we know how to do it right. Tender pieces of prime rib piled high on our ciabatta bread. Topped with provolone cheese and a side of au jus.


*All entrees served with a baked potato and house salad. *Substitution of fresh vegetable of the day or red skin potatoes may be made for an additional cost.

  • 12 0z. New York Strip

    A 12 oz. steak hand cut in house and cooked to perfection! Add sautéed onions and mushrooms for an additional $2.99.


  • Mahi Mahi

    Try this moist and delicate 8oz white fish filet with a signature topping.


  • Salmon

    This tasty fish is a great pick for the health conscious customer!


  • Grilled Chicken Breast

    This juicy 7 oz. breast is a delicious and healthy choice on it’s own, or add one of our signature toppings for a new twist!


  • Signature Toppings

    All Fish and Chicken may be blackened or topped with Jack Daniels Glaze, Parmesan Crust, Ginger Glaze, Creamy Dijon Sauce or  Peach Bourbon Glaze.


*All pastas served with house salad and garlic toast.

  • Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese

    Penne noodles tossed in our homemade smoked gouda cheese sauce with slow-roasted, pull-apart ham chunks and cherry tomatoes. Finished with a breadcrumb topping.


  • Spaghetti Bolognese

    A generous portion of spaghetti noodles covered with our own hearty meat and fresh vegetable sauce. Topped with a sprinkling of shredded asiago cheese.


  • Pesto Penne with Sausage

    Penne noodles tossed in a creamy pesto sauce with crumbled sausage, red and green peppers, and finished with shredded asiago cheese.


  • Chicken Caprese

    Grilled chicken breast smothered with melted mozzarella and a basil, tomato, and garlic mix. Served with traditional spaghetti noodles and alfredo sauce.


Sauces: Mild, Buffalo, Hot, Superhot, House BBQ, Honey BBQ, and Chipotle BBQ.

Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, or fish may increase your risk of food-borne illness. 

  • Chicken Chunks

    A hearty portion of hand battered, boneless breaded chicken chunks served with Luke’s hand-cut fries and celery sticks. Choose a sauce, or eat them plain! (A side of ranch or bleu cheese is included).


  • Wings

    One dozen golden fried wings with the sauce of your choice. Celery sticks and a side of ranch or bleu cheese are included.


  • Duck Basket

    Tender pieces of duck hand battered and deep fried to mouthwatering perfection. Served with hand-cut fries, dinner roll, and our special sauce for dipping.


  • Lake Erie Perch Basket

    Need we say more? Straight from the waters of Lake Erie to our kitchen! Hand battered and deep fried; served with hand cut fries, coleslaw, and a dinner roll.


  • Chicken Chunk Bowl

    First we start with our hand-battered chicken chunks, and we toss them in your choice of sauce. Then we pour them over a bed of hand-cut fries and melt cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, and add bacon over the top! Served with a side of ranch or blue cheese dressing for dipping.


All pizzas made on Luke’s original hand-tossed crust. *Deep dish is available in 12″ only. Thin crust available in any size.

Ingredients: Pepperoni, Beef, Sausage, Ham, Olives (green or black), Onions, Mushrooms, Bacon, Green Peppers, Jalapeño Peppers, Banana Peppers, Sauerkraut, Pineapple, Tomato, Chicken Red Peppers, Feta Cheese, Basil,  Peppercini Peppers, Spinach, *Prime Rib and*Steak *at an additional charge.

9″ 12″ 16″
Items +$1.25 +$1.50 +$1.75
Pizza $6.99 $8.99 $10.99
Ranch Pizza $7.99 $9.99 $11.99
Garlic Cheese Strips $5.50 $7.50 $9.50
  • Chicago Style

    12-inch crust only. A reverse pizza! Topping & cheese layered under loads of sauce on top! $1.50 for each additional item.

    $9.99, +$1.50 each item

  • Texas

    We start with our breaded Texas tenderloin, then top it with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and any pizza toppings you want. Then we bake it in the oven for a new spin on your traditional pizza! +$1.25 for each additional item.

    $6.49, +$1.25 each item

  • Supreme

    Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers.  9″ for $10.99. 12″ for $14.99. 16″ for $18.99.


  • Buffalo Chicken

    Breaded chicken chunks as a starter, then we add buffalo sauce, bacon, and lots of mozzarella cheese. We top it off with bleu cheese crumbles and ranch dressing. 9″ for $9.99. 12″ for $23.99. 16″ for $16.99.


  • Reuben

    We start with a combination of mayo and thousand island to create the sauce for this unique pizza. Then add corned beef, sauerkraut, mozzarella and Swiss cheese. If you like the sandwich… you’ll love this! 9″ for $9.99. 12″ for $12.99. 16″ for $17.99.


  • Philly Cheese

    Chef’s special sauce, smoked prime rib, grilled onions, green peppers,
    red peppers, and mozzarella cheese. We finish it off with ranch and A1 drizzled on the top! 9″ for $11.99. 12″ for $15.99. 16″ for $20.99.


  • Pesto

    This gourmet pizza combines olive oil with tomatoes, basil, fresh garlic, provolone, and mozzarella cheeses to create an authentic Italian flavor. 9″ for $8.99. 12″ for $10.99. 16″ for $14.99.


  • BBQ Chicken

    Our homemade sweet BBQ sauce, grilled chicken chunks, bacon, onions, and mozzarella cheese. 9″ for $8.99. 12″ for $11.99. 16″ for $15.99.


  • Breadsticks

    Cheese Stuffed 
    Two oversized breadsticks stuffed with cheese and your choice of sauce on the side. Any additional toppings are $1.50 each.

    Original $4.99


*All items that are gluten free are cooked within same area as items containing wheat and gluten. 

  • Gluten Free Cheese Pizza

    On 12″ crust only. Each additional item is $1.50.


  • Gluten Free Cauliflower Pizza

    On 10″ crust only. Each additional item is $1.50.


  • Gluten Free Pasta

    Make any one of our pasta dishes with gluten free penne noodles.


  • Gluten Free Bread

    Pick any of our sandwiches or burgers and put it on gluten free white bread.


We, at Luke’s, are always trying to experiment with our food and cooking styles. In 2013, we added a smoker to our kitchen, and since then have been constantly trying new things with it!! Here are a few of our favorites so far:

Smoked Wings
In a variety of flavors: Hickory, Applewood, or Mesquite.

Pork Loin Pub
A smoked pork loin, thinly sliced, and piled high on a 5 inch bun. Then we cover it with our sweet house BBQ sauce, a slice of Swiss cheese, and 2 fried onion rings go atop this tasty creation. Served with our hand-cut fries.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Tender pulled pork loaded onto thick-cut grilled white
bread, and topped with our house BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, and American cheese. Served with hand-cut fries.

Pork Nachos
Quickly becoming a new favorite! Pulled pork covered in our house BBQ sauce and piled onto a bed of warm nacho chips. We finish them off with onions, black olives, jalapeño peppers and lots of cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Turkey Melt
Juicy white meat turkey smoked and pulled apart. We load it on
buttered and grilled white bread, and then top with grilled mushrooms, onions, bacon, and Swiss cheese. Served with hand-cut fries.

Smoked Turkey Alfredo
It is so good! White meat turkey combined with penne noodles, our house Alfredo sauce and juicy cherry tomatoes. Served with garlic toast and house salad.

*All of these selections are based on availability each day.

Ask your server about any other new items we may be offering on a daily basis from the smoker!


Monday-Saturday from 3PM – 5PM